OBO Cloud Right Glove

OBO?CLOUD HAND PROTECTORS are designed for the serious player and are ?the big brother? to YAHOO HAND PROTECTORS. They are based on the world?s best selling (ROBO) Hand Protector design?allowing ease of use, direction control for rebounding the ball ? but most importantly?providing excellent protection.

The shaping of the CLOUD RIGHT HAND PROTECTOR enables you to ?lay your stick? (virtually) parallel to the ground

  • Very useful for sweeping ground tackles and especially advantageous when laying on the ground with your arm outstretched defending PCs
  • At all times your wrist is free to move in any position, while your stick is able to follow your arm, naturally and without constraint.

The CLOUD RIGHT HAND PROTECTOR is ?sized? so that protector is stable on the hand

  • More ball control is possible and greater power can be achieved
  • You have maximum wrist movement which allows for a natural and easy action
  • The anatomically-shaped inner provides a natural hand position with ?good grip? ? especially in the thumb area
  • A soft pad on the underside of the wrist provides comfort, better control and added protection.

REMEMBER!?OBO?s unique foam-bonding techniques mean that your gear won?t fall apart ? as there is NO GLUE to dry out over time and use? ?clever Eh!?

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