• More Mass + Thicker Shaft = Increased Rebound
  •  Extra High Balance Point to balance out the additional mass
  •  Thicker Head = More robust sweeping and ground play
  •  Thicker Round handle = Increased shock absorption
  •  Maximum width shaft & traditional “Goalkeeper” head shape = Maximum saving area

Extremely straight saving face = Increased rebound predictability

Best suited to those who want power and rebound but don’t mind a little extra weight to achieve it!!!

Perfect for those players with a smaller budget but needing a stiff, highly durable and controllable stick!

Made from composite, designed for modern goalies. It is heavier and fatter to give more mass to the midshaft, giving increased power and stability when deflecting a ball.

A great stick providing a balance between a powerful and solid rebound as well as the lightweight and head shape to give you maximal stopping area.