OBO OGO Junior Gloves

The OBO OGO Right Hand Protector is loved by many goalies around the world

  • ?It?s the world?s biggest selling hand protector design and provides excellent protection, ease of use, and direction control for the rebounding ball
  • Its unique style allows very quick movements
  • Not only is it safe and easy to use but it?s very comfortable to wear.

At all times your wrist is free to move into any position while your stick is able to follow your arm (without constraint).

The shaping of the OBO OGO RHP enables you to lay your stick (virtually) parallel to the ground? very useful for sweeping ground tackles and especially advantageous
during a PC defence where you are lying on the ground and stretching your arm to reach the ball.

Minimal clearance between the stick and the ground ensures that the gap is small enough so that a ball cannot slip through.

The OBO OGO Left Hand Protector is sized so that the protector is stable on the hand

  • More ball control is possible and greater power achieved
  • It has a relatively flat face but is still shaped to control the ball and direct it downwards
  • The slightly square edges can also be used to defl ect the ball
  • The bottom edge is reasonably flat when placed on the ground
  • The anatomically shaped inner provides a natural hand position and good ?grip??especially in the thumb area
  • A soft pad on the underside of the wrist provides comfort and better ball

And remember? OBO?s unique foam bonding techniques mean that your gear won?t fall apart as there is no glue to dry out over time?clever eh!

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