OBO ROBO Body Armour

The stance, protection requirements and movements of a field hockey goalie are very different from those of an ice hockey goalie.

OBO ROBO Body Armour features 17 individual protection components, and a unique 2 section design

  • The lower section closely wraps the chest and ribs, while the upper section floats over it, protecting the clavicles and shoulders
  • When you move your arms and shoulders, the upper section closely follows the body movement, while the lower section / chest stays firmly in place
  • The ?holy grail??protection at all times without sacrificing movement and agility.

High density foams cover key body areas and internal organs

  • The heart is further protected by an additional (hidden) 16mm super high density polyethylene foam pad.

You need to choose what style of arm protection you want

  • The arm guards provide the greatest area of coverage and protection?but if you really want to maximise your agility/hand speed and are prepared to expose a bit more skin?then choose the elbow guards.

ROBO Body Armour is available in four sizes

  • Arm length is the best determinant of ?size suitability? (measured from fingertip to the centre of the armpit). If you have hairy armpits we suggest you shave
    before measuring.

L, M, S