OBO Yahoo Body Armour

The stance, protection requirements and movements of a field hockey goalie are very different from those of an ice hockey goalie

  • OBO YAHOO Body Armour is constructed from 20 individual pieces of foam (many of which are dual density) which allows ?free movement? and great agility while not compromising protection
  • The large number of protection panels can move independently of each other and ensures that the armour stays in the correct position
  • This dramatically reduces ?bunching up? as you move, or when you lie on the ground
  • High density foams cover key areas as well as internal organs
  • The arms of the YAHOO Body Armour are designed to give extremely free movement
  • An important part of playing the modern game at the highest level, is that you can move your arms quickly and precisely knowing that ?protection? is not compromised

YAHOO Body Armour is available in four sizes

  • Arm length is the best determinant of ?size suitability? (measured from fi ngertip to the centre of the armpit). If you have hairy armpits we suggest you shave before measuring.

L, M, S