REBOBOX Hockey Rebound Board

What is Rebobox

Dave Staniforth Hockey is the manufacturer and supplier of the world class field hockey rebound board, the Rebobox.

Turn good training sessions into GREAT training sessions with the new Rebobox.

Manufactured specifically for hockey coaching by former Olympic Goalkeeper and current South African mens goalkeeper coach Dave Staniforth, the ReboBox offers coaches a new dimension to their session plans with a world class training aide.

How does the hockey rebound board work?

The Rebobox is a sports training aide designed to help improve passing, receiving, hitting, stopping, shooting, eliminating, tackling, penalty corner striking, drag flicking and goalkeeping with the benefit of reproducing realistic match conditions.

The Rebobox rebound board offers coaches more versatility and flexibility with their training sessions.

  • Designed to rebound or deflect the hockey ball at pace either in the air or along the ground.
  • Enhances core ball control skills, reduces response time, and improves technical skills.
  • Durable, waterproof coated fibreglass finish and suitable for pitch side storage.
  • Designed for individual and group training drills
  • Can double up as the goalkeeper, just place in the goal and start shooting.
  • Used to ‘make training space’ for large group sessions.
  • Outstanding goalkeeper training aide.
  • Ideal for ‘one/two’ training.
  • The Rebobox can be used as practice goal or a team bench.
  • Manufactured in a range of colours.
  • Reboboxes can be branded with school, club or academy logo at a nominal cost.
  • Nationwide delivery.
  • Regular updates on will assist coaches with Rebobox related session plans.